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This Non-Profit Organization Changes Lives

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October 2015
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During the month of October, the non-profit organization Friends of CICS Tennis is competing with several other community tennis organizations in the Midwest. If this non-profit raises the most money by October 31st, South Side Junior Tennis will receive $1,000 from the USTA Midwest Tennis Foundation.


I ask for your support in 3 ways:
1) Read below to learn one of the ways Friends of CICS Tennis introduces children to tennis.
2) Click on the link below to make a donation.
3) Share with your friends and connections on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. 

“South Side Junior Tennis goes into the community. CICS Lloyd Bond Campus is in Altgeld Gardens. It is known to be a poor and dangerous community. To us, the ‘Gardens’ is a treasure trove of opportunity. Each September, we provide a 4-week camp in the Lloyd Bond School gym, to approximately 35 children. This year, we extended the camp for 3 additional weeks because the campers and their families wanted more! Thank you coach Donald and coach Scott!! The program is FREE for all who want to attend. These children would not have been introduced to tennis without us. Your donations will ensure that SSJT will be able of offer the Lloyd Bond Camp again next year!”  – Violet M. Clark, Founder, Friends of Chicago International Charter Schools Tennis


To make a donation now, go to:!Friends-of-CICS-Tennis/chyl/55f741c90cf2db6dcfb5b1e4

For more information about Friends of CICS Tennis and South Side Junior Tennis go to:

Disclosure:  The author of this blog is a non-compensated member of the Board of Directors of Friends of CICS Tennis. 


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