A Philanthropist Speaks: Conversation with Liz Thompson

“Get in the car and drive two miles and let’s help the kids on the other side of the city of Chicago.  In addition to being a global city, let’s be a local city…Don and I have decided to focus our philanthropy right here at home.  If other people want to give globally, that’s wonderful. We applaud that because we need it. We are Chicagoans first.”

Liz Thompson, president of Cleveland Avenue Foundation for Education

Generally speaking, Americans believe philanthropy is giving money to help the needy.  Period. I argue that there is so much more to philanthropy than donating money and Liz Thompson helps me make this case.

I met Liz earlier this month with the goal of her sharing her experience as a philanthropist.  Hearing the master speak taught me that I have not met many philanthropists. Donors, yes. True philanthropists, not so much.  Liz and her husband Don epitomize what it means to be philanthropists.  Their humble beginnings and their ability to take advantage of opportunities paved the way for them to pay it forward.  My hope is that you are wiser, empowered and more optimistic about our future after listening to my conversation with Liz.

Here are additional links to the podcast:

Liz Thompson on SoundCloud

Liz Thompson on iTunes

As Black Philanthropy Month 2017 concludes on August 31st, continue to support the organizations whose missions speak to you 365 days a year.  Make financial contributions, volunteer your time, and share your expertise.

August 30, 2017