It’s Giving Tuesday!! Not Too Late To Give!

A few years ago, Forefront Illinois was inspired by the global initiative Giving Tuesday to create a giving movement in Illinois. ILGIVE stands for “I’ll Give for Giving Tuesday”. Forefront facilitates the process for nonprofit organizations to make it easier for donors to give to charities on Giving Tuesday.

Four years ago, 200 organizations participated in the first ILGIVE campaign. Last year 400 nonprofits raised $11.5 million. Today, over 800 nonprofits across Illinois have been raising money since the clock struck midnight! Dollars raised by 11:59:59 tonight will allow Illinois nonprofits to fulfill missions, keep doors open and continue providing services to clients and constituents.

I met with Kathleen “Kat” Murphy, Forefront’s ILGIVE organizer, to better understand its role in assisting nonprofits and donors connect on Giving Tuesday.  This movement allows people to make a difference in the lives of millions across the state on Giving Tuesday.  Forefront creates a positive online experience for donors making gifts to one or more of the 800 nonprofits on the ILGIVE website.  Gifts made today to charities by check, securities and other methods today will be counted toward the 2017 Illinois Giving Day totals. Listen to our conversation Giving Tuesday and ILGIVE here.

TAKE ACTION NOW! Money has been flowing into nonprofits all day.  As of 5:00PM nearly 7,300 donors have contributed to organizations participating in ILGIVE.  There’s still time to make an impact.  Search for and give NOW!  Make sure to check out and support  “underdog organizations” here!

November 28, 2017